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2nd Local Event in Slovenia: Active citizenship and solidarity, 3. December 2018

Better recognision of volunteering experiences among employers and formal educational institutions, better quality of mentoring for volunteers – guality standards for mentoring programms, information campaigns on volunteer work are the ideas that came up at second local event of the iDebate project in Slovenia, where students of Secondary Building School and Gymnasium Maribor, were discussing the tocpis of active citizenship and solidarity.

The methodology of the debate: After a brief presentation of the topic and volunteering opportunities in EU (Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps), the questionnaire on facts and trivia about volunteering in the EU was filled in. Further on 4 teams were formed, discussing Pros and Cons, and effects of Volunteering with 4 volunteers with volunteering experiences on national and EU level. Students created posters on the topic “I want to become a volunteer …” or ” “I see the following obstacles for volunteering …”. Later on they exchanged posters and continued the discussion in the direction of finding solutions to remove obstacles or improve the conditions for performing volunteer work. At the end, the teams presented their ideas and concerns (e.g. volunteers as a source of cheap labour). 

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