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3rd Local event in Slovenia: EU and Youth – Climate change, 6.12.2018

Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our times. Recent events have emphatically demonstrated our growing vulnerability to climate change (severe droughts and floods, the process of disappearance of the clearly divided four seasons, the increasingly high temperatures in summer…) . Being an active citizen, to participate in the everyday democratic life, means to be involved and to care about the world around you. The ┬ástarting point for the debate was, how each individual can do to reduce the environment impact.

The event began with a video on climate change and environmental impacts. An expert from Umanotera gave the presentation on the topic, followed by discussion on how young people can be proactive on the matter. Three measures that minimize the carbon footprint of an individual: avoiding aviation flights, eating foods of plant origin and car-free life,we highlighted.

Individuals wishing to contribute to mitigating climate change need information on what measures can achieve the highest savings in gas emissions. We highlight three areas in particular: (1) eco-friendly transport, i.e. avoiding air transport and car-free life: hiking, cycling and the use of public passenger transport; (2) food of plant origin, i.e. restrictions on the consumption of meat and dairy products and the reduction in the amount of discarded food; and (3) energy saving – reducing household energy consumption, using energy-efficient devices and switching to renewable energy.

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