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4th Local Event: Youth participation in the European Elections, 13.12.2018

Elections are a vital part of democracy and the key instrument for citizens to make their voice heard. Of all the generations of Europeans, the current young generation is the most pro-European. However, youth support does not necessarily translate into active democratic participation. Data from the last European elections shows a sharp decrease in the turnout of young people voting. This makes it all the more important to find a way to motivate youth to cast their vote and have their say on the future of Europe.

Initially, the students of  Secondary economics school and Gymnasium Maribor, filled out a questionnaire on the European Parliament, which was a starting point for the discussion on the role of the European union and the European parliament and its impact on our daily lives, as well as elections to the European parliament.

Discussion on “”Why vote” and how to increase the participation of young people n elections to the European Parliament followed.

Lower taxes, e-voting, mobile voting, online coupons and voting rewards, motivational online campaigns – videos on YouTube, are the ideas to increase young voters’ turnout, that came up at the fourth local event of the iDebate project in Slovenia.

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