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LOCAL EVENT, “Digital active citizenship – modern civic participation”, September 13th 2018, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Secondary School Ivana Trnskoga

As part of the international project ” iDebate – Therefore I Learn 2017 – 2019″, on September 13th 2018, Association IKS held an activity at the Hrvatska Kostajnica “Secondary School Ivana Trnskoga”, Croatia, on the topic “Digital active citizenship – modern civic participation”.

The main discussion points were: methods of active digital participation of individuals; security and privacy and responsible behavior in today’s digital age. Together we also covered the benefits that the digital age offers to enable citizens to vote online, to obtain various personal documents and to take advantage of online education opportunities.

Students discussed the issues of their local community in groups and how to solve them through active citizenship.

This resulted in another set of activities aimed at increasing the participation of young people in various forms of democratic expression and promoting active citizenship as an important first step towards any progress in society.

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