4TH INTERNATIONAL EVENT – Timisoara, Romania
This Time, I’m Voting | Let’s talk about young people’s participation in the European Elections. Active citizenship and EU Institutions, Nov. 23 2018

Participating countries: Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia
Place: Theoretical High-School ”J.L. Calderon”

4th Local event – Young People and the Planet. Active citizenship and sustainability, Jan. 30 2019 Timisoara, Romania

Place: Azur Technological High-School

3rd Local event – Art of Dialogue in the Information Era. Active citizenship and EU Institutions, Jan. 30 2018 Resita, Romania

Place: National College ”Traian Lalescu”

2nd Local event – Active digital citizenship, Dec. 12 2017 Timisoara, Romania

Place: West University of Timisoara

1st Local event – Active citizenship and solidarity, Nov. 10 2017 Timisoara, Romania

Place: Azur Technical College