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Student Plus
lead partner
Timisoara, Romania
Faculty of Social and Humanist Sciences
Nova University Lisboa, Portugal
Pest Megye Onkormanyzata
Budapest, Hungary
Zavod PIP – Pravni in informacijski center
Maribor, Slovenia
Associazione eurokom
Gerace, Italy
Evropska generacija
Zrenjanin, Serbia
Udruga IKS
Udruga za promicanje informatike, kulture i suzivota - Petrinja, Croatia


What our young people say

"Solidarity: Meeting so many people from many different countries and cultures made me understand how important it is to live without prejudices. Every person has a story that you can know and understand in part, but never 100%."

Oana Talos, Romania Guest speaker

"The digital competences of the EU consumers are most important for our future. We have to be sure to securely interact with each other, shop on-line without obstacles and we have to be properly notified how our personal data is processed if we share them while using different services on-line. Thank you for this interactive discussion with students and the Slovenian European Parliament representative Tanja Fajon. I had a great time!"

dr. Benjamin Lesjak, guest speaker, Slovenia

"We have learned how we can participate publicly and at the same time protect ourselves"

Student, Croatia via

"Being an active citizen you feel like you can really get involved in society's problems and make your part as a person, as a whole."

Student, Croatia via

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